Monday, February 17, 2014

Bonus Info: Toxicity (SOAD Drum Cover) by Geoff Bosco

This drum kit is the 2007 PDP MX series kit I bought in 2008. I still think these are the best bang for the buck kits out there. Even with some of the great kits Tama are starting to produce at this price point. I still lean towards the DW sound.

The tom toms have Evans clear G1s on both sides. These are the Level 360 versions. These are nearly a year old, and they, one, still tune up like a breeze and two, as you can hear, still sound great.

The snare, a 13' 5.5" solid maple stave made drum by Spawn, has a coated G1 on top and a clear Remo (Gasp!)  Ambassador on the snare side.

The bass drum has a clear Evans EQ4 on the batter side and a plain black ported Evans on the resonant side.

The video was recorded on my Nikon D7100 in manual mode with the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 (IF) DX. (1080 30p 1/30s iso 400 f/3.5)

I used a four mic setup to record this track into the Reaper DAW. I have a Sennheiser e604 on the snare, an AKG D112 in the bass drum, and a matched pair of Oktava MC012 in the Glyn Johns configuration for overheads.

The drums were mixed pretty simply. I always start by adding highpass filters, even to the bass drum, just to where I want the lowest frequencies to for that particular source to be audible. Just gates comp and eq on the bass and snare, with just a tiny bit of guitar distortion added to the snare to give it some mid range cut. Then I sent a aux input from the snare into a comp on the overheads to duck the sound of the snare in them. That's very typical in metal drum mixing. The overheads are compressed a bit (slow attack/quick release) and just a bit of eq. I sent these track to a drum buss where I compressed a bit more, then into a brickwall limiter, just to cut down the highest peaks 2-3db, and did some final overall eq.

On the master buss I simply repeated what I did on the drum buss, with slightly different parameters of course, and added gain to get the final levels.

I used Sony Vegas to edit the audio and video together. The video itself is one complete unedited take, but there is an edit in the audio. I though about editing the actual video that goes with it the fixed audio, but I kind of liked the way it came out. lol See if you can spot it.