Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Teenage Girl And Her Patriarchy Fighting Dress

Look, I'm all for hypocrisy shaming, and I'm not about to call this girl a whore-I don't her...but, here's what I do know. Not a single piece of real journalism has been done by all the "credible" news outlets that picked up this story after it went viral from her sister's blog Wine and Marble. A blog that deal a lot with fighting sexism and "Christian Patriarchy"...this is the entire basis of the narrative one called anyone involved...any of the fathers (at least in any of the stories I saw)

But, the real irony is that without the patriarchy this story would never have gone viral...would anyone have paid any attention if men didn't find this photo attractive? No, they wouldn't have...but, I guess the patriarchy is bad when it gets you thrown out of your prom, but good when it gives you a giant soapbox to fight a nonexistent enemy.