Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Romans 13 and Libertarians...Again

Since it came up in posts on both Norman Horn's and Bob Murphy's blogs recently, I thought I'd add some of my latest thoughts on the subject.

Of, course this subject is going to keep popping up in Christian libertarian circles...I say let it. After all, it is not anarchists who need be defensive, when it's the conservatives view that seems to imply that the Nuremberg Defense is legitimate...because that is what they are saying when they continue to insist that any demand of any organization that calls itself a government must be obeyed. I mean, by what authority can we condemn the Nazi soldiers who put Jews in gas chambers, if they were "to be subject to the governing authorities" in the way conservatives are using that verse?

The other thing is, why are we not still under the Roman Empire's form of government? I mean, Paul wrote this passage of Scripture when the Roman Empire was the "governing authority", so he must have been saying that, that was the only form of government that would ever exist...right?

Of course that is a comically ridiculous argument. But, that is the kind of nonsense conservatives spew when they use Romans 13 to defend the current form of government we have. And, the added irony is that, though few of them would say that we have worse system than ancient Rome, the US and it's supposedly Judeo-Christian founding would have never come about without the founders being in rebellion against Britain.