Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Makes Me Like You Less, Ricky

Unlike many Christians, I don't have strong feelings about Ricky Gervais-I actually think he and his band of new atheist cohorts are right when they toss-off the notion that offended people are automatically victims.

And, so he does this little spot with the cute little girl, playing all "I just a humble guy with a cute little girl reading things that hurt my feelings."

Let me tell why that's bullshit. When she asks him, "...what does all this mean?" His answer is very telling.

"It means I'm doing something right."

There you have it. That is such a smug answer.

No,  Ricky. It means no such thing. When fedora wearing asshats prattle on about how being offended doesn't make you right, they forget that being offensive doesn't make you right, either. Any common internet troll can offend people. And that's what you are, a troll. Nothing more and nothing less. And, as a troll, I mean that with all due respect.